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The Casa de Vinhago

The Family


The project of Casa de Vinhago starts with the rebuilding, replantation and expansion of the vineyards initially planted by Carlos Fernandes Teixeira (Julião) and Vitória Pombeiro de Gouveia, on the slopes of São Cosmado, Armamar.

Their descendants, already in the fourth generation, therefore, continue a family tradition more than 70 years old.

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The Vinhago

The Vinhago Estate, located In the small Village of Lapinha, was originally a chestnut field. After deep ripping of the soil in the 1950s the first vineyard was plated and was considered for many years as one of the most balanced and better for producing wine between the different family sites, which at that time totalled around 12 hectares of vineyards.

In these times, it was common to have a diversity of different crops in the same estate and the Vinhago followed this trend. Therefore, at the same time it was also plated different fruit trees, olive trees around the vineyard and half of the property was rented to a caretaker who paid rent in corn bushels, dried fruits and half of all remaining tree crops.

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In 1999 the heir of this estate, Maria Helena, and her family, start the construction of a House in the Vinhago and in 2003 the old vineyard is replanted





The decision was to plant a similar profile to the original vineyard, to produce red grapes of the castes Touriga Francesa, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz e Tinta Barroca.


By acquiring smaller, neighbouring plots of land and planting the remaining parts of the of the estate, the Vinhago is now fully dedicated to red and white wine grapes in equal parts (4 hectares) and olives (1 hectare)



Recently the plantations expanded to two other estates: Sobreirinha and Vale de Marcos (5 hectares) and Telheira (1,8 hectares).


Although with different characteristics and history all the sites are located in the mountains slopes of São Cosmado that lead to the river Tedo, affluent of the river Douro.





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The First Wine​

The first Harvest of this new phase was in 2006 and the first wine launched in 2009. The first wine was a red blend of all the Vinhago Grapes. This was the start of the fine-tuning process that continues in every crop. With the obsession to always improve, we are now able to present a range of high-quality wines that capture the unique characteristics of this terroir. 





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The quality of the Casa de Vinhago Wines is recognized internationally and confirmed through the gold and silver medals conquered by different wines in our portfolio, in truly relevant international contests.

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Please proof by yourself by tasting the latest wines made available

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